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Bestboi Downloads

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All models require the latest VRChat SDK3.0
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Mobirise Website Builder
Bestboi Chibi

New Bestboi in a cute chibi and polished Style!

Mobirise Website Builder
Bestboi HD

The third model to join the club! Bestbois in ✨HD✨

Mobirise Website Builder
Bestboi Toon

Toonier then ever, presenting to you: The Toon Boi!

Mobirise Website Builder
Bestboi Classic

The model it all began with, the first of em!

Mobirise Website Builder
Bestboi Low-Poly

A low poly and fully quest - compatible vrchat model in a classic style reminiscent of old video game.

Bestboi Clothing 

Nice outfits freshly produced for the models, choose whatever you like.

Community Models

Models made by talented creators!
Dutch Angel Dragon - Bestboi HD Edit

A very nice and wellmade edit of the Bestboi HD Edition by Sequential_ShutLock and VictonRoy

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