Bestboi Outfits

Outfits are released monthly, check them out! Outfits for other models coming in the future

Bestboi HD Outfits

Bestboi HD Space trooper

All Bois to your stations! The Bestboi HD has a new outfit inspired by star wars!

Bestboi HD Hoodie

Bestboi HD Hoodie Outfit! Now you can keep your bestboi nice and snug in this hoodie and sweatpants. 

Bestboi HD Winter Outfit

Burr! Keep your bestboi nice and toasty while exploring the world with the bestboi winter outfit!

Knight Boi (Unofficial)

En Garde! The Knight Boi is here to keep your fortress safe! Made as an unofficial edit by Cat_Who_Loves_Pie!

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