Our Worlds

Vrchat maps created for our community crafted together to make places for bestbois to meet and have fun!

Bestboi Valley

Nestled Deep within a mountain crevice, the Bestboi Valley, has been inhabited for hundreds of years, with much to do and discover within, the Bestboi Valley is the main bestboi map, with all 3 versions of the bestboi avatar being available here, with many different variations across the map. In the Bestboi Valley you can visit the Museum of Arts, and marvel at the creative talent of the community, or visit the Rocky inn and chill with your friends. You could even go to Speaker's Hall, and listen to a speech, or host an event. There's always something new to do in the Valley 

Bestboi Tavern

A small and cozy Inn, the Bestboi tavern offers a relaxing environment for hosting events and meetups. With a warm fireplace and a cozy spot to chill, the Bestboi Tavern can act as a homeworld, meetingplace, and so much more!

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