The Best Boi Project

Welcome to our website! This website is the main information home for the Bestboi Project and Foxdragon species.
You can download our free vrchat models, join our community discord, learn more about the project, meet out staff, or view our species lore with the links below!

What is the Bestboi Project?

The Bestboi Project is a group primarily based out of Vrchat and similar VR games. We are one of the oldest currently running Vrchat furry communities, with ties dating back to early 2017.
These days we mainly operate out of our community discord, which is host to over 2200 members. Despite the big size, the community is tight-knit, but still very welcoming to newcomers.
Our Models are created by our dedicated Bestboi creation team, funded by our Patreon and other sources. We are dedicated to creating high-quality, easy to edit, and fully customizable free models.

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